About this place

The Infoshop Cronopios is a collective space which helps to fight against hierarchies and oppression of all kinds. Hierarchy and oppression is also – but not solely – incorporated in (political) structures, also but not only performed and carried out in jobcentres, by cops and the military, parliaments, prisons, churches or the state. Hierarchy and oppression are part of everyday lifes, they are within and between us becoming tangible in discriminations. Patriarchy, homophopia, fixed gender norms, racism, antisemitism and dominant, elitist or authoritarian behaviour are exemplary expressions of hierarchical oppression.

To oppose hierarchies and oppression, in the Infoshop we are putting our utopias of an anti-oppressive and non-hierarchical communality into concrete practice. We are self-organised, not represented or representable by any institution or organisation. In the infoshop we take decisions in consensus and we encounter each other on a horizontal level despite our differences. We are taking part in struggles of those who rebell against the hierarchies and oppressions that make them suffer without taking power over others in turn. This means we are in solidarity with the struggle of refugees against Fortress Europe, we fight against fascism including fascistic currents located within the social mainstream. We fight alongside disenfranchised tenants for the right to the city and are in solidarity with those who refuse to be identified as either male or female, … . We take part in these struggles and we want to support them with each of us participating in its own way without pressure to perform.

However, the fact that people are getting deported or evicted from their homes is not solely due to cruel officials or exploitative investors: the problem is within our social structures and we are all part of it! They require a radical transformation which cannot take place in taking recourse to the use of these very same structures; radical change cannot take place through infighting in political parties or a five-Euro donation to save the rainforest. In the infoshop resistance to structural oppression starts in our practices of everyday life. It is a resistance which cannot be represented, that is non-hierarchical and does not require neither spokespeople nor responsables. The infoshop welcomes all those who share these values.